Bring your Friends to the Beach!

For you and for them € 50.00 voucher on stays throughout the month of June!

Introduce us to new families. Tell them your experience, and become our ambassador! Bringing a new customer, we give a gift of € 50.00 to you and our new friend!


Conditions for using the voucher:

·        Valid for historical and new customers who book a stay at the Hotel Estense and bring new friends who have never been there

·        Offer valid for the entire month of June

·        The friend who has booked must be in a different room

·        Both stays (both that of the already Estense client and of the friend) must be at least 6 nights

·        It is an essential condition that the friend’s stay is not subsequently canceled and does not suffer any reduction in the period

·        The rooms must be composed of at least 2 people

·        The vouchers can not be combined

·        The discount voucher will be obtained upon payment of both stays

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