Food&Wine Holiday on the Adriatic Coast: breakfast and restaurant

To the inhabitants of Romagna, gourmet cooking is a real passion, to which they give their time and great attention. We like our guests to appreciate the best dishes in our traditional cuisine, both well known and little known dishes. Sabrina is our trusted cook and with her in the kitchen some wonderful food is guaranteed!


Sweet Breakfast

A sweet awakening!

The new Sweet Breakfast will be served from 7h30am to 10h00am. A buffet breakfast offering colourful citrus fruits, delicious cakes, soft breads, and the speciality of the house: freshly sliced cold meats and cheeses from the hinterland, as well as jams, yoghurts, fruit, fruit juices, and lots more.





«ARANCIO» (ORANGE) Restaurant

Colours and tastes
Lunches and dinners with a flexible time

Our cook Sabrina continues to surprise you!
From this year the kitchen of the Arancio (Orange) Restaurant will open for lunch from 12h00 to 14h00, and for dinner from 19h00 to 21h00.
It will be served as a buffet …a fairytale buffet! More than 40 fresh dishes with all the best foods. Naturally, authenticity, taste, attention to detail and quality are as excellent as always


Theme Evenings

Eating together, how lovely!
Every week we propose theme evenings, romantic candlelit dinners with specialities from Romagna and seafood in the Arancio (Orange) restaurant, musical soirées on the beach and in the hotel and night time snacks on the airy veranda.
Not to be missed are the party on 15 August and the exciting « Beach parties » on Igea Marina beach!

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