Food&Wine Holiday on the Adriatic Coast: breakfast and restaurant

Follow our advice: get up when you like and listen to your hunger. Our Brunch will give you all the time!


The idea of ​​the Brunch was born to allow guests to enjoy breakfast and meals with the maximum flexibility of schedules. Young people and lovers of small hours will finally be able to enjoy the night without putting the alarm clock on!


We have combined breakfast and lunch on a long journey through the flavors and aromas of this land.

Our Super Front Cooking starts at 8 and continues without interruption until 14. We offer only high quality products such as milk, yogurt and cheeses that arrive fresh every day, donuts and pies made by us, local cold cuts, croissants and fresh jams, eggs scrambled, crepes and tasty pancakes. Then, starting at 12, we change and arrive first, second, side dishes and desserts from our daily menu. Drinks during meals are free and UNLIMITED!


Baby Kitchen

Children will be happy not to wait. We will propose a healthy menu with some transgression to make their Buffet irresistible!


Newborn kitchen: maximum attention and extraordinary time flexibility

On our newborn Buffet, from 11.45am to 2.00pm and from 6.45pm to 9.00pm, you can always find:


vegetable broths and vegetable soups without salt for the little ones, with carrots, potatoes and zucchini

Plasmon soups already cooked in broth (sand, storm, starlets, snails, rice).

Creams of rice, corn, tapioca, 4 cereals, semolina etc ..

Homogenized meat, fish, cheese and fruit

Pennette with fresh tomato

Fresh cheeses

Baked ham

High quality fresh Granarolo whole milk with Plasmon biscuits (24h on 24h)

Homogenized fruit always available


In our dining room there are table seats and placemats to color. For mothers we have created a dedicated area, also available at night, with fridges, microwave ovens, bottle warmer and sterilizer.


Gluten-free cooking

From this year, thanks to the merger with the Hotel Internazionale, you will have a complete Gluten Free menu. Hotel Estense customers who need a gluten-free menu can eat only 115 meters away at our Hotel Internazionale (present in the AIC network). Here, for years, a magnificent gluten-free service is proposed.

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